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Women are an integral part of our body and mission at Soma. We encourage all women to fellowship together and use their unique gifts as a blessing to the church body - whether it be leading an MC, participating in the worship service, or hosting/attending one of our special gatherings.  We value authentic connection and supporting one another through all phases of life.

Connection Points: 

1. Missional Communities

We organize our church into smaller home groups known as Missional Communities (MCs). People gather together with the goal of fellowship, spiritual growth, and a shared mission. These communities also serve as a catalyst for smaller groups of women to do Bible study together. 

2. Bible Studies:

 A few times a year, we have women volunteer to lead a Bible study or book study.  If you are interested in leading and/or hosting a ladies Bible/book study, contact Erika Gienger.

3. Annual Women's Retreat

One of the highlights of our year is our Women's Retreat. It is a wonderful time of fellowship, learning, worship, and rest in a beautiful location. These retreats give women a chance to connect, grow, and spend time together outside of the normal rhythms of life.

4. Monthly Ladies Nights:

Each month, the ladies in an MC host a Ladies Night.  These relaxed gatherings help grow connections and relationships between women in the church, and welcome new women into our community.  These are a great opportunity to invite friends or neighbors.  Our goal is to help women get to know one another better in the church and take time to care for ourselves.  If you are interested in hosting a Ladies Night, contact Shannon Roubicek or Shelly Pommer.

Some past Ladies Nights have been: ornament exchange, drinks & appetizers, board game night, and accessories swap.

5. Soma Gals and Girlfriends private Facebook page:

This is a space where ladies from Soma Eastside share resources, ask for prayer and share family needs, ask advice, and plan informal get togethers with other ladies or families.  If you attend Soma Eastside and would like to be part of this online community, contact Shannon Roubicek or Shelly Pommer.