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Family Sunday

At Soma Eastside, we believe that kids are an important part of our church family.  Most Sundays, kids ages kindergarten-5th grade join their families for worship and then go to their Crews (groups) for a lesson and activities. On the 4th Sunday of every month, we have a Family Sunday and kids K-5th grade stay with their families for the entire service.  Activities bags to help them engage with the service are available.

We do this for several reasons.   

  • We consider it very important for kids to learn that they are an integral part of the church family right now, not just when they get older.  They have valuable thoughts, questions, and viewpoints on God and His Word.  Participation in the service helps kids identify themselves as part of the church community, and helps us as adults see how valuable they are to our church community.
  • If we want our kids to leave high school and be active participants in a church family, we cannot wait until after high school for them to fully participate.  We want our kids to experience all parts of church and become more involved as they grow so that when they leave high school, they already have years of experience as an active part of a church family.   
  • We want to help our kids develop the skills to understand and enjoy (or at least see the value of) all elements of church, not only “kids church.”  Our hope is that as our kids grow, they learn how to engage with a sermon and develop strategies to pick out details that matter to them and see how they apply to their lives.  

Our goal is to help our young people develop as worshipers, not just to sit still. Here are some resources to give some ideas and strategies to get your kids involved in church and get the most out of Family Sundays. 

Parenting is hard work and we are with you in the journey!  If you have any questions or would like to share ideas about Family Sundays, please reach out - we are all part of our church family and we are made better together!

For more practical tools on how to use the gospel in your parenting reach out to our Soma Kids Director Michele Hare or visit our Parenting Resource Page